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Refurbished Gearboxes

Refurbished gearboxes are at the budget end of the range. It is very often that the only problem with a gearbox is the wear on the baulk rings, the most common being the 2nd gear, which manifests itself as a difficulty in changing down from 3rd without grinding or needing to double-de-clutch.

The gearboxes are stripped and then dipped in a solvent cleaning agent which removes road grim and oil staining. The cases are then checked for wear on the idler bearing face, threads are checked for integrity, including the sump plug, and finally checked for cracks.

The gearbox internals are also dipped, and subsequently checked for chips, wear and bearing surface integrity. Those which are showing signs of age are binned. Differentials and synchro's are also split to their component parts, allowing a complete inspection of all parts. Gearsets, where possible, are kept together.

The Differential is rebuilt using a NEW diff pin, however, this is not suitable for higher performance engines where either the Competition Diff pin upgrade or x-pin should be added.

If non-consumable parts of a gearbox are beyond repair, items such as synchro hubs, Gears, bushes etc then these will attract an additional charge.