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Classic Mini Gearbox Reconditioning

I have been a Classic Mini enthusiast for over 20 years, and in that time I have probably encountered most of the problems which will interrupt the enjoyment of your vehicle. One which is becoming more common as the age of the Mini increases is the demise of the gearbox. Its design of sharing the oil with the engine is unique, but does mean that there's a compromise between the best oil for the engine verses the best oil for the gearbox. The end result is wear on the gearbox components.

Although inevitable, the solution is simple. A gearbox can be reconditioned.

Guessworks is a specialised gearbox supplier providing a service for all transverse A and A+ manual transmissions, not limited to the Mini, but also Metro, Austin America (ADO16) and any other of the BMC, BL and Rover models, using the same transmission, new and used spare parts with worldwide shipping and garage services including removal and fitting of gearboxes and conversions from automatic to manual.

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