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Automatics - Reconditioning and Conversion

The A series transverse automatic gearbox, like the manual, is pretty much unique in its design and operation. Foremost, it uses the engine oil rather than a separate Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) as its hydraulic power, it is therefore critical that regular oil changes and servicing is performed. As vehicles age and change hands, this service history can be lost, forgotten or just ignored. The unfortunate outcome is the eventual failure of the transmission.

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control GUESSWORKS is no longer able to supply reconditioned AUTOMATIC transmissions.

I will still be able to supply Master Kits and Bands and selected 2nd hand parts.

If you have an order in progress then this will still be completed, but no new work is being taken on.

I should add, if I find a solution to the issue which has caused this action then I will yet you all know...

The alternative to reconditioning a failed auto' transmission is to replace it with a manual. This requires the whole engine to be changed as manual gearbox is not compatible with the auto engine. Guessworks is able to provide a conversion service at a fixed rate of £800 + Parts + VAT.